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  • Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm, 50g net

Protects your feet from blisters for extended periods - marathons, ultramarathons, trail runs & walks.

Foot Blister Protection | Long Lasting | Balm

Do you want to be a step ahead with your protection?

Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm provides protection from foot blisters for endurance activities. When you apply Ultra Pace Foot Balm to your foot, it is covered by a smooth, non-greasy coating. It reduces friction, is water repellent, and does not lock moisture into your skin. This means that you will be able to exercise in comfort.

The jar makes it easy for you to apply the protective ingredients by hand directly to those areas that you want to protect from foot blisters, and to apply to the thickness you want, including to those hard-to-get-at places, e.g., between the toes. The jar makes application more convenient than a wax-stick system or a roll on, and without the spray drift of a spray based product.

You will find the increased lubricity provided by Ultra Pace Foot Balm will help to reduce the frictional forces, and the heat generated by the frictional forces when the foot strikes the ground. The water repellency means that the product will continue to work in wet conditions.

The vegetable oils and waxes will help to moisturise your skin and thereby help to soften it. The literature recommends that soft skin on the feet should be part of your blister prevention strategy.

So, why don’t you get a step ahead with Australia's leading foot blister protection?

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Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm, 50g net

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