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  • Striderm Wetsuit EZE Balm, Jar, 100g Net

Protect your skin from chafing when you are wearing your wetsuit for extended periods.

Skin Chafing | Protection | Wetsuit

Do you want an anti-chafing product that will give you a competitive edge?

Striderm WetsuitEZE Balm provides you with protection from skin chafing when you are wearing a wetsuit. It reduces friction, is water repellent, and does not lock moisture into your skin. This means that you will be able to exercise in comfort. You can also use it on your arms and legs to aid wetsuit removal during triathlon transition.

Being in a jar means that you can apply a generous coating of the balm to you skin. You will achieve a residual coating of the thickness that you desire, i.e., you will be able to feel that coating on your skin. This feeling is much easier to achieve this way than it is with a wax stick product, or with a roll on. It is less wasteful than a spray-on product (no spray drift).

Striderm WetsuitEZE contains a blend of with vegetable oils and waxes with silicones. These ingredients work together to reduce friction and to provide a barrier on your skin. It does not contain fragrance, mineral oil, or petroleum jelly.

You can use it under your specialised sporting attire, in particular, wetsuits, but also under trisuits, compression garments, and socks. It is your complete triathlon protection product.

Striderm recommends that you use WetsuitEZE Balm to protect your skin from chafing whenever you expect your skin to be exposed to the frictional forces, especially in salt water.?

Therefore, why don’t you get your competitive edge with Striderm WetsuitEZE Balm?

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Striderm Wetsuit EZE Balm, Jar, 100g Net

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