Meet the Striderm Supported Athletes

John Pearson - Striderm Ambassador

John PearsonJohn has represented Australia 9 times in the 24 hour running world championships and been team captain on four occasions. He claimed a team gold medal in the 2009 Commonwealth 24 Hour Championships in the UK and a team silver medal in the 2015 World Championships in Turin, Italy.
Having competed at international level since 2008 and with a best distance of 241.4 km in 24 hours, it is safe to say John knows what it takes to prevent chafing!
In 2015, John won Australia's longest single stage ultra, the 240k Coast to Kosciusko, a race run over varied terrain with temps ranging from -2C to +27C.
He is also one of the coaches at the Brisbane based Intraining Running & Triathlon Club.
John makes the observation: “As an ultra-marathon runner competing for up to 30 hours continuously can provide major challenges. One of these is the inevitable "runners rash" and the other blistering that occurs on feet and, in my case, particularly around my toes.”

John turned to Striderm for solutions:

“After having many race performances compromised by these issues, I found the Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme roll on. Being clean and easy to use, this made it great to use both before and during longer races. The latest product to excite me is the Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm, which does a fantastic job of protecting my feet even between the toes, whether it's running through creeks or in extreme temperatures the balm stood up to the test.”

“Thanks Striderm for providing the products that allow us to push that step further.”

BMX Bandits Adventure Racing Team - Striderm Ambassadors

BMXBanditsAR 05Striderm is proud to be supporting the BMX Bandits as they take on the Adventure Racing World Championships, in the Shoalhaven regionBMXBanditsAR 06 of NSW.

Adventure racing is a multi-disciplinary team sport involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length. Races include running, mountain biking, and paddling, and a multitude of other disciplines like climbing, abseiling, snorkelling, skiing, and white water rafting.

Teams race against the clock the whole time. This means extreme environments, extreme distances, extreme sports, and extremely little sleep. Adventure races are tough. Really tough.

Despite the international calibre of the field injuries, exhaustion, and irretrievably broken equipment will take their toll. Athletes will push themselves to beyond mental, physical and psychological breaking point, with only around half the teams even expected to make it to the finish line. This is not a participation medal sport.

The BMX Bandits are Dave, Ro, Ben, and Olly: a seasoned team of hardcore Aussie outdoorsmen, with a high profile background in running, alpinism, riding and of course adventure racing. They have raced, ridden, climbed and paddled throughout the world. Above all though they are mates with a profound sense of adventure.

In November, the BMX Bandits will join teams representing over 30 countries on a 600km journey through the Shoalhaven wilderness region of New South Wales, racing day and night and pushing themselves to the ultimate limits of human endurance.
Anything can happen out there – and that’s all part of the adventure.

You can follow them on Facebook @The BMX Bandits

Robbie Wickham and Sarah Parobec – Striderm Ambassadors

RobbieSarah 01

Following the death of his wife around 4 years ago after a long battle with breast cancer, Robbie lost direction in his life. Inspired by his daughter, friends and work colleagues, he discovered Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). His renewed passion for fitness has since seen him compete in OCR events and trail runs, including ultramarathons.

About a year ago, Robbie crossed paths with Sarah, a Canadian who had just made Australia her home. Both had chosen Yurrebilla 56k Ultra Trail Run to be their first ultra-marathon. Prior to this Sarah had only run a handful of half marathons. Growing up and living on the prairie lands of Saskatchewan, she had no concept of running hills. In September 2016, they will compete in their tenth ultra and celebrate the anniversary of their first when they return to Yurrebilla.

Robbie and Sarah are passionate supporters of The Kids Cancer Project and are seeking to raise money for them. You can support them in this fundraising by following the link: Additionally, if you can support them directly by the following the link:

Robbie and Sarah have qualified and are competing in the 2016 OCR World Championship in Canada and have an ambitious calendar of challenges ahead. Striderm is pleased to be supporting them in their endeavours.

Robbie has this to say about Striderm Active Skincare:

"From the day I was introduced to ultra-marathons / endurance events / adventure races, I have been subject to severe discomfort from chafing and blisters, from the events themselves and throughout with the volumes of training required. This impacted on my performance and enjoyment.
These events and training require me to be on my feet for up to 24 hours at a time through mud, water crossings, snow, technical terrain, in all weather conditions so finding a one stop solution was difficult.
That was until I was introduced to Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme roll on. Being portable, compact, and easy to use, this made it great to use prior to and during events/ training.
Thank you Striderm for making this challenging journey a lot more comfortable and achievable”

Gold Coast Physio & Trail Chix Kokoda Challenge 96k Team - Supported



The 96k Kokoda Challenge (Official) is held in the Gold Coast Hinterland, a couple of week after the Gold Coast marathon. In July 2016, a team made up of Britt Caling (Gold Coast Physio) and Belinda Holloway, Tymeka Warburton, and Lucy Shewell (Trail Chix) was the first female team to finish. They were also 3rd overall in 15hr 14min (only 15min behind 2nd place overall).

Striderm was pleased to be a product sponsor for this great team.

Britt Caling finished in time to head to Rio 2016 as a physio for the Australian Olympic team.

Britt thanked the team sponsors and said this about Striderm

Striderm Anti-Chafing Skincare Products - THE best stuff out there with not a blister on my feet or chafe anywhere - hence the picture of post-Kokoda feet.”