Chafing & Blister Protection Specialists: Striderm Active Skincare Values 

StridermProductsWhat's in the Name?

The name sets the framework for our values.

'Striderm' is derived from an amalgamation of the words 'stride' and 'derm'. The word 'stride' is commonly associated with people in motion, while 'derm' refers to the skin.

In keeping our name, our focus is on providing you with premium products that will protect your skin while you are in motion. This means that you can focus on looking after your performance.

No Animal Testing

We do not use animal testing. When we develop a product, we use field testing with active people to ensure the product is fit for the intended use.

Australian Focus

We care about the Australian manufacturing industry. Striderm is Australian owned and tries to support Australian manufacturing as far as possible. Our products are developed and manufactured in Queensland using local and imported ingredients.

Striderm prides itself as the science of serious protection and as the Australian anti-chafe and anti-blister skincare specialist.